Boska wins 6 Red Dot Awards for Product Design

May 2016 – Nowadays, design is everywhere. At home as well, we can’t imagine a world without it. Even the most functional tools for in the kitchen are being transformed into iconic art pieces. Product designers are no longer the executors of a practical idea, more and more they’re becoming true artists. Take Frank Bleeker, designer at Boska: six of his designs were crowned with the Red Dot Award for Product Design – the ‘Oscars’ among design prizes. 

“In my work as Product Designer at Boska, I transform creative or traditional concepts by bringing them to the modern day and using modern trends. But as opposed to art-focused colleagues, I work on making a complete picture. The designs have to make sense in terms of functionality, commerciality, and design. An art piece doesn’t have to have a practical use, but everyday tools do. My designs have to be functional and look good at the same time. That’s a really great challenge.” As a well-deserved crown on all of Bleeker’s work, he has acquired 4 Red Dot Awards for Product Design and two ‘Honourable Mentions’ for the Boska brand. 

Design and user-friendliness 
Design is vaak iets abstracts. Volgens Boska, specialist in kaasbeleving, hoeft dit niet. Als het aan de producent van Cheesewares® ligt, moet design terug in alledaagse gebruiksvoorwerpen, zoals kaastools. Esthetiek en functionaliteit gaan hand in hand in de nieuwste producten van Boska.

Design is often something quite abstract. According to Boska, specialist in the cheese experience, that doesn’t have to be so. If it’s up to the Cheesewares® producer, design has to be put back into everyday tools, such as cheese tools. Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand in Boska’s newest products. 

Product Designer Bleeker: “Why only focus on user-friendliness? The eye wants something to look at too. So we tried to transform recognizable shapes, such as a fondue pan or raclette, into unique and design-worthy forms. We do this by, for example, looking into the materials. That’s how this year we came out with a copper fondue set with a concrete base. It’s a combination of a retro product with a robust, modern look. The total package doesn’t deviate from the traditional cheese fondue concept, but it looks so much better.” 

Red Dot winners
Boska’s award winning products are the Party Fondue Mr. Big, the Candle Light Fondue Twinkle, the Partyclette XL, and the Fondue Set Copper. The Raclette Quattro Concrete and the Cheese Slicer Monaco+ received the honorable mentions. “All of these Cheesewares® have a clear Boska signature look,” says Bleeker. They’re robust and functional with a nostalgic wink.” 

About the Red Dot Award
The Red Dot Award is divided into three different disciplines: the Red Dot Award for Product Design, the Red Dot Award for Communication Design, and the Red Dot Award for Design Concept. The first is a recognized quality seal for aesthetic forms and functional design. It is awarded annually by an expert jury of independent designers, professors, and journalists. This year, 41 jury members evaluated a record-breaking 5,214 products from 57 countries. The award ceremony of the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2016 will take place on July 4th, 2016 during the traditional Red Dot Gala in Essen. Together with the other prize winners, Boska’s products will be displayed for one year in the Red Dot Design Museum, which is visited by 150,000 people annually from all over the world. 

About Boska
Boska is an innovative, authentic family-owned company that has had a heart for cheese since 1896, and therefore constantly searches for new Cheesewares®. Over the course of four generations, the company evolved from blacksmith, ironware retailer, and hardware manufacturer to the current company with 75 employees and 5 branches, including two in China and the USA. Boska cheese accessories are available in 90 countries. For more information:


For more information, contact Cindy van Turnhout from Boska Holland: 0624626291 



“In mijn werk als productdesigner bij Boska maak ik een doorvertaling van creatieve of traditionele concepten naar de moderne tijd en trends. In tegenstelling tot kunstzinnige collega’s maak ik een compleet plaatje. Functioneel, commercieel en op het gebied van design moeten de ontwerpen kloppen. Een kunstwerk hoeft niet praktisch bruikbaar te zijn, maar voor een gebruiksvoorwerp geldt dat wel. Mijn ontwerpen moeten functioneel zijn en er ook nog eens goed uitzien. Dat is een hele fijne uitdaging.” Welverdiende kroon op het werk van Bleeker vormen de 4 Red Dot Awards voor Product Design en twee ‘Honourable Mentions’ die het merk Boska in de wacht sleepte met zijn ontwerpen