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Cheese Raclettes

The specialist in cheese tools is Boska. Boska has a large assortment of cheese fondues, cheese knives, cheese graters, table accessories, gift sets, cheese slicers, cheese curlers, funny cheese tools, cheese boards, all with outstanding service.

On this page you will find the raclette sets of Boska. A raclette set of Boska can be bought in the Boska webshop. Raclette is like cheese fondue one of the national dishes of Switzerland. The origin of the name raclette comes from the French wordt râcler, what is called in English 'slicer' or also 'scrape'. The cheese which you use in a raclette set is also called râcler. By the swiss tradition you melt cheese from the top of the cheese. After scraping off the melted cheese, the cheese is placed on toast, bread or on fresh vegetables. In the online shop of Boska, the different raclette sets are available in all types and sizes, even for a quarter or half a cheese. Each raclette set is available from stock, so by ordering today a raclette set it is possible that you have tomorrow your own raclette meal on your own table.

Raclette originates from the Swiss canton of wallis, where sheepherders traditionally used to ‘pass the summer’ high in the mountains. These herders brought hard cheese with them which they melted over an open fire and drizzled onto pieces of bread. Raclette was born. The result was a simple, warm meal that could be easily shared. The name raclette is derived from the french word “racler” which means “to scrape”. A raclette set of Boska is also available in smaller forms. This form over raclette makes it possible to heat (pieces) raclette cheese in a pan. For warming this cheese in a pan, you have to slice the cheese in slices. By putting the slicer in a pan of a small raclette set you will get easily melted raclette cheese. In the Middle Ages raclette cheese was eaten. It was at that time known as a particularly nutritious meal, which was mostly eaten by farmers in the mountainous part of Switserland. Cheese, is still nutritious and is therefore ideal to eat during a dinner. Invite for that reason your family and friends to enjoy the delicious taste of raclette cheese from a raclette set of Boska. Raclette cheese can also be enjoyed singly or in pairs with the raclette mini.