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Cheese Fondues

The specialist in cheese tools is Boska. Boska has a large assortment of cheese knives, cheese graters, table accessories, cheese raclettes, gift sets, cheese slicers, cheese curlers, funny cheese tools, cheese boards, all with outstanding service.

On this page you will find the cheese fondue sets of Boska. We offer cheese fondue sets in many shapes and sizes; we have cheese fondues, cheese fondue sets, fondue pots, and we also sell individual pieces like fondue forks, fondue burners and fondue stoves. All of these products are available in the Boska online shop. Every cheese fondue set or fondue pot is in stock and can be dispatched today. On this way you can enjoy soon an evening of tasty cheese fondue. The reason to buy a cheese fondue set or - pot at Boska, is because Boska is many years a specialist in letting people enjoy cheese.

Cheese fondue originates from Switzerland where it is commonly made from gruyere or emmentaler to which different spices and wines are added. A cheese fondue pot exists in various types and sizes. Boska holland is the only Dutch producer of cheese fondue sets and has more than 20 different cheese fondue sets in its assortment. Not in all cases you can put a cheese fondue set on an open flame like gas, induction or ceramic hobs. Not in all cases you can put a cheese fondue set on an open flame like gas, induction or ceramic hobs. If you can set a cheese fondue pot on an open fire, depends on the production process. A cheese fondue pot which can handle fire is made of another type of ceramic, and is fired several times on a high temperature. At Boska we call a cheese fondue pot which can resist open fire, a refractory cheese fondue pot. In fondue pots that can't handle open fire, the cheese fondue will be prepared on the stove and then poured into the cheese fondue pot. With the aid of the burner or the wax light the cheese fondue will be held on temperature.

What many people do not know is that cheese fondue forks are not the same as for meat fondue forks. A fork for cheese fondue is called a trident, the trident ensures that the bread or potato more remains on the cheese fondue forks. After a meal cheese fondue, some cheese residue sticks on the bottom of the fondue pot, these residues are called the religieuses. Many people find this the most delicious of cheese fondue. Cleaning a cheese fondue set is sometimes a difficult job. For that reason Boska offers some good cleaning tips so that the cheese fondue pet can be cleaned on a right way. In a Boska cheese fondue set is it also possible to prepare chocolate fondue. This is delicious as a dessert but also good if you are hungry for chocolate.