Cheese Slicers

The specialist in cheese tools is Boska. Boska has a large assortment of cheese fondues, cheese knives, cheese graters, table accessories, cheese raclettes, gift sets, cheese curlers, funny cheese tools, cheese boards, all with outstanding service.

On this page you will find the cheese slicers of Boska. A cheese slicer of Boska fit in every kitchen drawer. The Boska webhop has for everyone an appropriate cheese slicer, because of the wild range of more than 20 types of slicers. The range offers cheese slicers for every type of cheese. Cheese slicers which are made for slicing parmesan or cheddar, but also slicers on with non-stick which and cheese slicer which are dishwasher safe. The cheese slicers of Boska are proclaimed several times as best cheese slicer. In November of 2013 the Cheese Slicer Milano is a proclaimed as best cheese slicer. The cheese slicer is a slicer which allows your to slice a thin slice of your cheese and is designed in norway in 1925, to create thin slices of cheese instead of large pieces. In the Netherlands, everybody has at least one cheese slicer in the kitchen drawer and most people have more, which is smart when the other cheese slicer is in the dishwasher. Cheese slicers are especially popular in the Netherlands and in the Scandinavian countries. Most people think the reason for this because of Dutch thriftiness but, although this might be true, the main reason is different. The cheese slicer enables you to create thin slices which enables more oxygen to come in contact with the cheese which delivers that fine taste. Because there are so many different kinds of cheeses, there are also many different types of cheese slicers. For example, young cheeses has cheese slicers with a short blade, so that the cheese does not stick. There are also cheese slicers specially made for old cheeses so they doesn't crumble. Obviously, all these slicers are available at the Boska webshop. Boska produces since the seventy's her own cheese slicers, and has a large assortment of cheese slicers. The cheese slicer is one of most important products of Boska. Boska have been tested and considered the best for multiple times and Boska also offers a 10 year guarantee on its cheese slicers.