Cheese and Fun

The specialist in cheese tools is Boska. Boska has a large assortment of cheese fondues, cheese knives, cheese graters, table accessories, cheese raclettes, gift sets, cheese slicers, cheese curlers, cheese boards, all with outstanding service.

The Boska webshop offers gifts in the category 'Cheese and Fun'. Nice items to give to a foreign visitor or to friends. In the 'Cheese and Fun' category you will find typical Dutch products, like the Cheese Slicer with a Delft Blue print, cheese forks with a cow motif and a the cheese knife cheesy with a handle which looks like cheese. Boska has these playful cheese items in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Toastabags are not only fun but also convenient. The ToastaBags of Boska are made to prepare your cheese on toast on a save and clean way. Clean because you put your toast with cheese (and maybe other ingredients) in a plastic bag in your roaster. As usual will the cheese melt, but normally the melted cheese flews on your roaster. With the ToastaBag is this no longer possible, because the cheese which flews will fall in the ToastaBag. The save way of making cheese on toast with the ToastaBag is also because of the cheese wat flews lands in the ToastaBag. When you get your cheese on toast out of the roaster you won't burn yourself on the melted cheese which flews out of the cheese on toast. By picking a side of the ToastaBag it is easy to slide the toast out of the ToastaBag on your plate. This easy and save way of making toast on cheese makes it also possible for kids (from 10 years) to make their own cheese on toast. Cleaning your toaster belong from now on to the past. For all these reasons is Boska proud to have the ToastaBag in it's range of cheese and fun products.