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Cheese Curlers

The specialist in cheese tools is Boska. Boska has a large assortment of cheese fondues, cheese knives, cheese graters, table accessories, cheese raclettes, gift sets, cheese slicersfunny cheese tools, cheese boards, all with outstanding service.

On this page you will find the cheese curlers of Boska. With the Boska cheese curlers you can slice easily thin layers curled cheese. In the Boska webshop we have different types of cheese curlers like cheese curlers made of oak, mahogany, beech and also marble. he beechwooden cheese curler called the Cheese Curler Geneva is a popular product. Despite the popularity there are also people who likes more a modern appearance, like the Cheese Curler Marble. The under shelf of this cheese curler is made of (black) marble which gives the cheese curler a totally different look. The cheese curlers of Boska are in stock which enables you to receive the cheese curler on short notice at your home. The cheese curler is a unique and surprising product. You can go easily from a small round cheese, to a beautiful cheese curl. The cheese curler is suitable for multiple variaties of (small) cheese such as Tête-de-Moine. This cheese becomes delicious when you curl a thin piece, because oxygon comes in contact with the cheese, the taste of Tête-de-Moine really comes to its full strength.  

Boska has different types of cheese curlers. They are made of Beech wood, Mahagony wood, Oak Wood and even marble. Furthermore, Boska can deliver a plastic cheese curler dome which fits on every cheese curler. This cheese curler dome keeps the cheese fresh. In France and Switzerland, the cheese curler is called a Girolle. This means cheese curler. The cheese, Tête-de-Moine, is a literal translation fro Monk's head. This name is given due to the shape of the cheese. Although the most people use this product for cheese, is the cheese curler also suitable for making a chocolate curl. There isn't a better way to make a beautiful chocolate curls. Using chocolate curls is ideal for presenting a dessert to family or friends.