Cheese Set Cheesy 'L' Slate

Cheese Set Cheesy 'L' Slate

Cheese Set Cheesy 'L' Slate

This eye-catching set includes a large slate cheese board (12.99 x 9.05 x .03 in) and the ' cheesy ' knife from the Pro Collection. The knife is best suited for use with soft to semi hard cheese. It is designed with holes in the blade to ensure that the cheese does not stick to the blade and can be transferred easily onto the baguette or toast. As with the other knives in the Pro Collection, this tool is produced from a single piece of high quality stainless steel for stability, durability and firm control. Dishwasher safe with a 10 year guarantee.

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For 2 Persons
50 g Teleme
50 g Asiago
50 g Maytag Blue
50 g Beecher’s Flagship reserve, an aged Cheddar

crackers, sliced pears, toasted walnuts
Wine: McCrea Grenache

Additional Information

UPC 8713638013480
N°: 359010
Material: stainless steel
Type of cheese: For soft and half hard cheese
Weight: 3.3 lbs
Dimension: 12.8 x 9.45 x 0.79 "
Dishwasher: Yes