Here at Boska, we love cheese… a lot. Those scrumptious, delicious morsels – they make our lives better every day. But the other thing that’s so great about cheese is how it can bring people together. It’s the center of the party – the talking point – that brings a smile to everyone’s face and is the first thing to run out. Cheese is cool. But we wouldn’t be where we are today without the people behind the cheese – our cheese heroes.

Theses heroes are our role models – champions in cheese. They stand at the front of the line, making, selling, and advocating for the most delicious cheeses in the world. That’s why we’ve inducted them into our Cheese Hero Club. Our goal is to work together to discover more cheeses and the best ways to eat them, and to then share that knowledge with the world so that more people will come together to enjoy the food that we love so much. Curious? Come find out more!

Handtekening Martijn Bos
Cheese Executive Officer
Fourth-generation owner of Boska Holland Cheesewares


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